10 Pranks To Spice Up Your College Life

College pranks

College is a time of exploration. You’re an adult but also not too much older to handle so many responsibilities. If you’re lucky, you’re miles away from your parents that may guard your every action and decision. So it’s the time to finally do whatever you want (in moderation), explore your identity, and get wasted in frat houses! Best of all, you have the chance to make the most legendary prank you will probably make in your life. You’re never going to be this young, so why not spend a few moments of your college life pulling pranks that you will never forget? We’ll help you get there! That’s why we listed down ten hilarious prank ideas that you can try as soon as possible!

Test Day Prank

You can’t be too complacent about tests and quizzes in college like you were in high school, primary, or middle school anymore. Anyone who went to college can attest that you need to study well enough to pass a test. (No rhyming intended.) Why wouldn’t you? You’re being prepared for a severe profession here! That’s why tests never fail to give people mini heart attacks whenever they’re coming. Try to go early to a problematic class one day and pretend to be scanning your notes so seriously. Once your classmates come in, ask them if they’ve already studied for the “test.” This question alone would be so powerful enough to give them the mini-heart attack we’ve all been aiming for.

Fake Alcohol Prank

College is a time of exploration, isn’t it? Some people haven’t tried their first drink of liquor until college. So if you know a freshman who’s ready to take their first drink, hand them an utterly non-alcoholic beverage and tell them it’s a powerful cocktail. They wouldn’t know what it’s supposed to taste like anyway! Then, observe them if they get hit by the placebo effect by being rowdier later in the night. It must be embarrassing for them if they do, though!

Prank Call

Prank calls are never not funny. Decades have proved it, and it never gets old! So even if you are in college and everybody’s a smartphone-tapping geek, you can still mess with anyone in a more sophisticated way with Ownage Pranks’ prank hotline. If no one told you before yet, no one comes to grandma’s old telephone to call anyone randomly. The technology now is too advanced that someone’s number is traceable in just a few minutes. You wouldn’t want to get your grandma in trouble, would you? Using prank apps, you can seamlessly send anyone delightfully hilarious prank calls without getting tracked because you will be assigned an anonymous caller ID. So whether it’s your professor, your dean, or even just your classmate – you can send them funny calls scot-free!

Roommate Tuck In Prank

Is your roommate more on the wild party-goer side? If yes, you probably have seen them come home all wasted countless times. Sometimes, they might even be too wasted to wake up and realize what’s happening in their surroundings. It’s like they go brain dead for hours before realizing how much o a mess they were the night before. The next time they come in your door like this, help them to their bed, or your couch and comfortably tuck them by mummifying them in saran wrap. You can also add layers of pillows or blankets before completely wrapping them around! Make sure to not cover their face with it so they can breathe. Don’t wrap them too tight to prevent circulation in their veins. You wouldn’t want to cause harm, just some fun college memory!

Tin Foil Dorm Room Prank

Some Reddit users confessed to wrapping an entire dorm room of someone who annoys them with tin foil. Okay, “entire dorm room” maybe a bit of an exaggeration here. Just tin foiling the things like the bed, the couch, study table, fridge, etc.! This prank may take a lot of work to do this better when it’s not our hell week, and you have a lot of time to waste! It will be worth it, though! Imagine your victim walking in and sealing their entire dorm room glistening in good tin foils. Wouldn’t that be epic?

Trash Door Prank

Is one of the dorm residents annoying you? Make the perfect revenge prank by covering their entire door with trash. It’s a plus if your dorm has no security cameras around to point to you as the perpetrator of this action. When you’re sure they’re away, gather all the trash you have and use tape (or glue – totally up to you) to put all the garbage to their door. The nastier it is – the better! Don’t Blame us if you get caught and get led to an entire prank war!

Mannequin In Bed Prank

Here’s a prank you can do to that roommate who always gets wasted or is a light sleeper. If you have the privilege to get ahold of mannequins, then why not maximize the experience by tucking it next to your soundly sleeping roommate? This will be funnier if you have a roommate who was out partying hard the night before and might get confused to wake up next to a figure next to them in bed. We hope you have all morning to watch them wake up to this because it will surely be hilarious as hell!

Lyric prank

College is the best time to date around and experiment with your compatibility with people, and this prank may just help you play with your chemistry with your crush, even just a little! Got your crush’s number been saved on your phone already?  Cool! Now try pulling a lyric prank on them! If you are not familiar with lyric pranks, these are pranks that use song lyrics to send as a text. The beauty in it is you will send the lyrics line by line and wait for them to respond. Then, you just keep going until they realize that what you’re texting them isn’t your thoughts but just mere song lyrics! If you play this harmless practical joke on your crush, you can check the best ideas for lyric pranks.

Prank Call

Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you’re too old for prank calls! If only it makes it funnier now because we are in the age of smartphones. No one uses old telephones anymore because that’s easily traceable in minutes. What you need is a prank call app like Ownage Pranks. Not only do they provide hilarious prank calls you can send to anyone anywhere and anytime you want – but they also value your privacy more than any prank call app in the market. So even if you want to make fun of that terror professor or your department’s dean, Ownage Pranks will never rat you out because your data is entirely safe with them. Just fun without all the hassle!

Same Bag, Different Contents Prank

In college, people rely on their handheld bags for survival – especially if your campus is enormous. When you are in class, and your friend leaves to go to the bathroom, quickly transfer the contents of your bag to theirs. It may take them a while to notice this, but it will surely be hilarious! (Well, for you)

You can do this to your roommate also. Before they leave for their first class, do the same thing but leave their essentials like their IDs, wallet, and phone! The goal here is to confuse them, not to make a regular college day more difficult for them!

College won’t be forever (unless you want it to be – but what’s the fun in that!?) so make sure to enjoy every moment of it with occasional uses of pranks. Got a trick you want to try after reading this? We’re excited for you, but make sure to keep it safe. Good luck and happy pranking!

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