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Business Development: Why Every Organisation Should Consider Using Virtual Offices

The virtual office feels like a relatively new addition to the corporate landscape in Singapore. However, these super flexible workspaces have been around for some time. While the benefits are undeniable to anybody with experience of using them, there are a lot of misconceptions around about how they function.

For instance, it’s often believed only small companies or home-based ventures are welcome. This is not the case, as virtual vendors rarely have rules about what constitutes a suitable tenant. These resources are fully customisable, so they suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be a young venture or a startup to register with one today.

This article explains why the benefits of virtual offices are available to everybody with an interest in mobility, flexibility, and scalability. Visit for more details.

Professional Address and Mail Processing

 With a virtual office, tenants get a credible, professional address to attach to all communications. For smaller businesses, this is a huge asset, as it creates an association with success and wealth. For larger companies, it gives professional to offshoot ventures, expansion plans, and the early stages of new branches.

Admin Support When You Need It

 One of the best things about virtual solutions is their flexibility. These vendors have few hard and fast obligations. Instead, they invite tenants to pick and choose from a selection of resources, so that leasing packages are personalised. For instance, you can recruit the help of onsite receptionists and secretaries for mail sorting, taking calls, and redirecting messages.

The Ability to Work from Home

 Imagine how much work you could get done if you didn’t need to waste time travelling to the office. You could get up, get dressed, and start the day in a positive, energised manner. You’d also save a lot of money on transport costs and contribute to the fight against global warming. Furthermore, studies have shown that remote work can be even more productive than being in the office.

‘Pay As You Go’ Conferencing

 If your business is new to Singapore, forging connections and building relationships is important. Without the right sponsors, clients, suppliers, and investors, it’s tough to grow and become an established brand. This is why virtual offices include access to premium conferencing spaces and boardrooms.

Substantial Cost Savings

 Building and establishing a business in any part of the world is an expensive affair. It starts with the big things (like rent fees, furniture, and décor) and stretches all the way to the littlest details (like tea and coffee costs and cleaning charges). With a virtual office, none of this is your responsibility. You don’t have a physical office space, so there’s nothing to maintain.

Finding a Great Virtual Office in Central Singapore

 There are a number of virtual facilities in and around the Singapore CBD (central business district). The best plan, if you are interested in trying one, is to call the provider directly and ask for a tour of the facility.

Even if you’re not permanently resident there, it’s helpful to know what the facility looks like and how efficiently it runs. So, take a tour, ask lots of questions, and get to grips with going virtual. If you’re not sure how long you’ll be staying, talk with the vendor about the possibility of paying for just a few months. That way, you can leave early if the arrangement isn’t a good match for your brand.

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