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Why employee motivation is necessary to increase productivity

A personal individual is been employed in a company because of the talent or certain skills he/she possess which is meant to make the company proactive. They are now extension managers also referred to as Employee, responsible for carrying out strategic operations in the company.

Motivation, in other words, is an inspiring process that is been inculcated to archive a goal. While productivity is the outcome of peoples effort! The result of productivity shows how well a company is doing.
Employee motivation is a necessity! Why? Every company or business organization employees are affected by the strains and stress that occurs. This was made known to us through ergonomic assessment, and this generally affects the company’s productivity.

Frequently motivated employees are more loyal, productive, and more committed. “An employee’s motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager.”– Bob Nelson. However, we want to consider some major reasons why employee motivation is necessary to increase productivity.

Increased Human Capital Management. 

Employees get super motivated to promptly work on their duties as the company makes use of all their physical, financial, and human resources in other to achieve full potential. With this, every worker does their best to fulfill their tasks.

Facilitate personal development.

Once a worker has met initial goals, there seems to be a different result. This is because they get to see the obvious link between the efforts they made use of and its outcomes, as well as the result they get from it.
This motivates them in a fresh and highly spirited manner. They feel the need to contribute more for more positive result due to the benefit they get from the previous outcome.

Increased Employee Satisfaction.

Whenever a company manager motivates employees through monetary, non-monetary rewards, financial rewards or promotion opportunities, the worker becomes more satisfied.

This factor can lead to a great increase in the company’s productivity. In the absence of this, we get to notice reluctance attitude and lack of readiness to fulfill their duties in time.

The Company’s Goals Swiftly Achieved

Every company or business organization has its goals; this can only be achieved when the following conditions are met:
A proper resource management, All employees are always directed by their duties and objectives. Goals can be reached optimally if cooperation is fulfilled through motivation.

Improved Team Harmony

In an accredited business organization environment, there is a sole focus on cooperative relationships. This is of high importance for a successful company; with this, the company’s productivity is also increased.
This idea of working together increase profit and employees tend to adapt to every change, all for the company’s benefit.

Stabilized Workforce.

When there is stability in the work force of a company, the workers become loyal and honest due to the obvious changes that might occur when there is a change in any management aspect. In order to get the best productivity, there is a need for stability and balance in employee’s ability and willingness. And this is crowned through employee motivation.

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