Fleet Management Technology: Getting Things Moving Has Never Been Easier


Technological innovation has continuously brought efficiencies to industries across the board throughout the years, and it’s always an exciting time for small to medium businesses when new, cost-saving technologies emerge and make life a just that little bit easier.  ORIX is dedicated to creating innovative technological solutions within the fleet industry to ensure that detailed insights are gained where possible to give way to accurate forecasting and fleet optimisation.

Telematics: Long-distance transmission of computerized information

In the fleet industries that deal with commercial vehicles, fast, efficient, long-distance transmissions are essential -, especially with GPS technology. It’s important to know exactly where your vehicles are, what state they’re in and when they’re due. With the help of world-class partnerships, ORIX offers the latest hardware and software for vehicle tracking, asset management, and data integration.

With user-friendly web-based design, in-vehicle devices range from cost-effective, ready-to-go devices, to cutting-edge tracking and monitoring equipment. To make reporting as easy as possible, ORIX offers the flexibility of providing both new solutions and supporting your existing telematics provider to help you make the most effective strategic business decisions.

An efficient, online carpool management system

The ease and efficiency that can be gained from an effective online pool car booking system are often unparalleled. ORIX Share is just that – a user-friendly, online booking system that allows you to manage a pool of vehicles, as well as company resources such as toll tags. This kind of system will help keep fleet costs at a minimum and ensure that vehicles are always in use.

Apps for drivers

Managing your novated lease has never been easier. Novated drivers can now easily claim reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses using the apps like the ORIX Companion App. Drivers can also keep track of expenses and distance traveled using the ORIX FBT Logbook App. It features GPS tracking that makes gathering and recording data to generate an ATO compliant logbooks a breeze. You can manage your logbooks and novated vehicles with your smartphone and apps by ORIX.

Online Driver Safety Programs

‘At risk’ drivers can be managed and organized with ORIX’s online Driver Safety Programs which are aimed to providing specific, long-term safety solutions. They’re directed towards improving drivers’ skills, knowledge, competencies beyond what is required for licensing. Moreover, if you’re concerned about driver-specific behavior, ORIX’s driver-specific exception reporting identifies issues such as fuel abnormalities and missed servicing to maintain transparency amongst drivers.