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6 Tips for Entrepreneurs Who are Starting from Home

Mark Zuckerberg started his first venture right from his dorm room. Steve Jobs started from his own garage. Jeff Bezos started selling products right from his father’s basement. While it is difficult to predict what the ventures will turn out, small business owners still need some guidance if they are willing to start from home.

Here are some tips that that help you take the business to the next level.

1- Your Willingness to Succeed is Important

It takes more than courage to start and sustain your business. Some say, the first step is the most important step, but, it the second step that makes all the difference.

Tony Robbins says, your success is, 80% psychology and 20% work. This means something. You need to be mentally strong when taking risks.

It means you need to have something to believe in. You need to have the courage to take the less traveled path and make your way to the top.

The problem with most of the new breed of Entrepreneurs is that they have no level of patience and this makes them less passionate about the work they’re doing.

2- Execute Fast

I have faced this problem more than once. Think of a brilliant idea and forgot to execute it.

For the first few times it was okay, but later, I realized that executing the idea is the most important step.

If you do not take the first step, how will you know your idea is worth or not. My friend started a web design agency right from his room.

At first, the idea was difficult to execute, but once he started, all things turned out great.

3- Find the Right Mentor

As an Entrepreneur, you will be needing more and more advice from people that are more experienced than you.

To do that you need to network with people. Attend events, sessions, which are related to your field.

This will not only make you popular, it will also let people know that you are doing something worth doing.

4- Keep the Overhead Down

If you’re not careful about the overheads, you will have to pay the price sometime later.

As an Entrepreneur, it is okay to cut down your expenses &go for things that are most important to make you survive.

If you’re able to control the extra expenses right from the start it will be easy for you to maintain it later.

If you really want to invest your money, invest in people, in technology, and anything that can help you, and your people grow.

Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, and Mark Zuckerberg. All started from their homes with no overheads. Why? Because they wanted to spend all their resources and energy on things that really mattered. You can do the same. Start small, and go big.

5- Stay Positive to Yourself

It doesn’t matter what your neighbor, friend, or co-worker think about your idea. What matters is, what you think about yourself.

You can either curse the darkness, or you can light a candle and be the beacon of hope.

Your future will ultimately depend upon what you are thinking today. Fill your mind with bright ideas and audacious goals. And then give your heart to those goals.

6- Network like a Movie Star

You know why some movie stars are popular more despite they lack the basic acting.

Yes, they network like a movie start. You can adopt the same habits and shine like them.

Go to conferences and be the best learner of science, ideas, and human psychology.

Get some books on communication. Watch some YouTube videos on how to give that perfect elevator pitch?

Give, give, give, before you plan to get anything out of people. Be genuinely interested in what people are doing and what they plan to do in future.

No one said that running a business is easy. People only see the over-night success as the goal. What people don’t know, is the hard work, the long hours, the midnight oil, that all those people have spent to get there. For example, 2 RED Ltd, who are based in the East Midlands, was started by 2 brothers in their bedroom who wanted to offer heating solutions. They now have their own office and a full team of staff, so we can always use this kind of inspirations to get motivated and start.

Use these points to get your head straight on what you want to achieve in life.

Be clear stay focused, and have a lot of fun while you pursue your dream idea. Best of luck!

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