hr analytics

How Advancements in HR Analytics Will Improve Business Performance

Decision-making in the human resources area of business is starting to see a change. In the past, HR decisions have been guided by instinct and intuition, but in today's world, we have access to...
Social Media Marketing

How Social Media Marketing Helps in Running a Profitable Business

The internet has made life easier for everyone. It has opened a world of opportunities for all walks of life. The internet has made marketing easier for businesses as it offers an opportunity for...
Online Brand Reputation

9 Essential Elements That Build Up a Strong Online Brand Reputation

There are several online mediums and platforms that are considered highly important in terms of developing a strong, rapid and targeted online brand reputation. According to most of the industry’s well-versed professionals, social media...

What Advantages A Web Based Document Management System Offers?

Web-based document management system is an electronic system that is employed by the business organizations to keep a record of their electronic files. The programs are developed in such a manner that storing, managing,...
Forklift Operators

New Tests for Forklift Operators Come into Play Following Accident Spike

It was recently announced that anyone who is training as a forklift operator must now complete a much more difficult and rigorous set of tests than what has been the standard up until now....
Freelance Finances

Keeping on Top of Your Freelance Finances

Not having a boss, managing your own work hours and working from home are some of the biggest perks when it comes to being a freelancer or startup entrepreneur. But, having enough money in...

Best Way to Use Financial Models to Evaluate Business Risks

Risk has a negative stigma attached to it. It’s often viewed as something that should be avoided at all costs. However, a risk is not inherently bad. As entrepreneurs, it’s important that we understand...
Recruitment Process

Is Linkedin a Hindrance to the Recruitment Process?

Hiring a new employee can be a complex and time-consuming process. Most employers find that using their industry contacts and resources brings them the most success, whereas others believe that external recruitment agencies have...